Small business protection for ASP.NET websites

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Robust SQL Injection
protection for your ASP.Net

Most websites are vulnerable to SQL injection attacks because database back doors are left open by poor coding practices that do not adhere to good security standards. SQL Injection Shield™ blocks these vulnerabilities and prevents attacks.

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SQL Injection Shield™ is deployed directly on the ASP.Net website. As a result, you do not need administrative control over your server in order to install it, we do a GREAT job of stopping SQL Injection attacks!

Stops SQL Injection attacks
dead in their tracks!

Database driven web applications, including eCommerce & cloud sites of every type, are increasingly under attack. Because of the high target value of database content, databases are subject to more sophisticated attacks by hackers. SQL Injection Shield™ is effective because hackers cannot so easily side-step our defense, the way they side-step signature recognition techniques.

Small business protection
for ASP.Net websites

SQL Injection Shield™ for ASP.Net websites was designed to meet the technical and financial requirements of a small business user on a shared server or cloud website!

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