Small business protection for ASP.NET websites

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SQL Injection Shield™ offers your small business an extremely effective and affordable method of identifying and blocking SQL Injection attacks on your ASP.Net websites.

You are alerted in real time as attacks are happening. These alerts show the source of the attack, the target, and the payload.

Safe, easy, and quick to install, within minutes you can begin real-time monitoring to protect your business against these attacks.

Better yet, you don't have to own or administrate a web server to use SQL Injection Shield™. It installs directly on your website, the perfect fit for shared server solutions.

Focused and powerful, we identify and block SQL Injection threats that get past expensive hardware-based intrusion detection systems.

Our detection algorithms are as agile as they are powerful, and our seamless auto-update system keeps your protection current and in step with the ever-persistent and adaptive hackers.

Don't let hackers and thieves into your world.

Install SQL Injection Shield™ today. Real-time monitoring and alerts are always FREE.

You can also BLOCK attacks with an annual shield subscription.

Priced for small business, our shield subscription fee of $79 per year is the most affordable solution available.